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Two Great Classes!

Deep Stretch Yoga

Saturdays - 5pm to 6:30pm

Deep Stretch is a full-body stretching experience where you will slowly and over time reach new levels of flexibility not just in muscle groups but in joint rotations. In this class we focus on calming our nerves and breath so the body can relax and release tension stored in the muscles.

Unique and pointed stretching postures will trap your mind to ensure deeper meditation at the end of class, and will support your body in recovery/injury prevention for your next workout.

Power Vinyasa Yoga

Mon, Wed & Fri - 6:00am to 7:00am

The Power Vinyasa class is a movement-based flow where practitioners will learn to connect breath with movement, using breath to fuel deeper strength and power within the body.

This flow is designed to strengthen all major muscle groups evenly and to equally train all areas of the body through conscious movement. In focusing on coordination with transitions across the mat, and building internal heat in the body, practitioners will find that their mind becomes still much quicker, for more efficient meditation at the end of class.

I often will choose a posture as a “peak” of the class that we work towards overtime to ensure that students have small asana goals to work toward. These peak poses can be anything from Bakasana/Crow-Pose to Kapotasana/King-Pigeon, to Sirsasana/Leg-Behind-Head.

Each pose and movement has modifications from very beginner to very advanced.

About Nya Riddle

She completed her first 300 hour RYT training in 2017 in Portland, Oregon under Raj Patra of the Universal Yoga lineage, a senior disciple of lineage father Guruji Andrey Lappa.

In the following years she completed two more advanced yoga teacher trainings. She teaches power vinyasa flows, hatha style sequences, deep stretching flows, and mandala classes.

Each class will leave you feeling completely balanced, ensuring that you will evenly stretch and strengthen all major muscle groups and joint rotations of the body.

Her classes are tailored to whoever is in the room. Each pose has a variation for any level of experience/ability. She has also pioneered recovery-style yoga classes for bodybuilders and fighters who need more hands-on assistance in their stretching.

She views yoga as not just a means of fitness and bodily health, but a lifestyle path that guides you toward inner-peace and a worldview centered around compassion.

Nya began her journey with yoga to heal scoliosis, but came to realize its healing powers ran much deeper.

When she is not practicing asana (yoga postures) she is playing guitar, writing, hiking, or training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Common Yoga Community Rules & Agreements

– Bring Your Own Yoga Mat (We Have Back-Ups If You Forget)
– Please respect start and end times
– Keep chatting in class or during meditation to a minimum
– Wipe off a borrowed mat before returning it
– Listen to your body, tell your teacher about injuries, and approach yoga with humility & curiosity!
– Only 25 Spots Avialible Per Class

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